Saturday, December 21, 2013

Okay...Let's do this

I am really going to try this time to be consistent on my blog posts.  And I don't mean once a year.  My goal is once a week or once every two weeks.  Now that I am away from friends and family..."tear"

Let's start with what has happened the last couple weeks.  Well, most importantly, Zoe came to visit me.

I LOVE this girl sooo much.  She is so adorable I can't even stand it.

Oh, and Maren was there too, I guess.  Haha!  I was so happy to see her.  As soon as she was here if felt like old times, like she had been here all along and we were just hanging out.  It went by way too fast.

My girls had so much fun with Zoe and Maren.  They would ask everyday for a week when they were coming.  Then after they were gone they looked so sad and depressed.

My Mumzy and Daddykins came to visit too.  My girls were in heaven.  We had some family come over too on a Sunday afternoon. It as such a fun party!  I wish it never ended.

My mumzy was the best with Zoe.  She was so nice to let Maren and I go and do stuff together whenever we wanted.  Thanks Mumzy!!!  But let's not forget THIS VIDEO.  The poop, it was everywhere!

If you look closely, you can see that Jenny and Brett were there too.  Hint, Jared is holding them in the family picture.  Oh Jenny, how we missed you.  All I could think about was how soon you would be coming.  So soon.  But first I need to get through this cold depressing long winter.  How will I survive?!

While Maren was here we planned a girls day and we all met up in Red Deer.  It was one of the best days I have had in a long time.  It could only be better if Jenny was there.  I was pretty much laughing all day and night.  I love my friends.  They are the best.  We met at a mall in Red Deer for lunch were Cassie asked an old man to take a picture of us on her phone.  We tried not to laugh when he had no idea how to use it.  I still laugh when I see his huge eye on her screen trying to take the picture.  Haha!  Finally, Maren asked a teenager (nice choice) to take the picture, boom done, in 2 seconds.

We then went to Winners where we chose ugly outfits for each other and tried them on in the change room.  Oh my, I had no idea Winners had such ugly clothes.  Barb's out fit was hilarious, and the outfit she chose for me was...interesting.

Then we went to Tarilyn's house where we exchanged our "favourite things" gifts.  So many good treats!

Next we went out to Earls where we waited for an hour to be seated to eventually sit in the lounge.

Then we went back to Tarilyn's house where we got our pjs on and talked and laughed for the next 4 hours.  My stomach hurt from laughing by the time we went to bed.  The next morning, Cassie made us breakfast, sooo good, and then we went our separate ways.  This was hard for me.  I felt like I was going the wrong way when I left.  And maybe I am crying a little writing this right now.  I miss everyone so much.  And now I am back at home...alone...again.  I have to look forward to the next time I see everyone.  The lodge.  Just concentrate on the lodge.  And Barb, make sure you bring that lovely yellow sweater.

I also have to write about how impressed I am with Taylor and her love of piano.  She has been taking lessons last year and this year.  And this year she has improved so much.  Her teacher said she is so amazed at how well and how quick she is learning.  And her teacher wants her to start on royal conservatory right away.  I am so happy that she loves piano.  I wish I did at her age.  I hope it lasts.  I have taken videos of some duets with her teacher.  Here is one video.  Here is another.  One more Here.  They are only like 30 seconds long.  I couldn't choose so I picked 3 of my favourites!

And then there is Hannah.  Oh dear.  Her school teacher asked me if Hannah was in theatre classes or if I was going to put her in classes.  My little drama queen.  Haha!  This is a portrait she drew of me...

Also, our family is singing in church tomorrow for the Christmas program.  We are singing Stars Were Gleaming.  And Taylor is singing part of the song by herself!  Wha?!!!  I thought she would never but I guess my little girl is growing up and becoming more confident.  Maren took some video of us practising while she was here.  And don't miss Zoe's piano solo at the end!  Here is the video.

I promise to post again in a week or two!


Jenny Fitzner said...

Welcome back to the blogger world! whoop whoop! I wish I was there, but you already know that. Love all the pictures and videos! I love the last one of you guys singing! Go Taylor! I love how Dad is sleeping in the background. Classic.

Team Torrie said...

I thought I read that you were singing "Star Wars Gleaming", lol, I couldn't even imagine what that would be. I love Hannah's picture of you, it made me laugh. Happy Christmas to you Sarah!

Maren said...

Yeay, welcome back to the blogging world. I read this like a couple days ago but just didn't have a chance to comment until now. First of all, way to go Taylor on her duets! And seriously going through your post made me homesick for you and Alberta and our friends. I started tearing up when you were talking about how everyone drove away in the morning and you felt like you were going in the wrong direction. I'm sorry Sarah. it will probably feel that way for a while. Even when you have me and Jenny back. You can never substitute friends and fun experiences like that! Best day I've had in a LONG time. LONG time. Merry Christmas!

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