Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fun Photoshoot

We (Alysha, Jordana, Barb, Maren, Jenny and Amelia) did a fun photoshoot by Whyte Ave. These are some of the one's that Alysha took of me.

Taylor came along, and here are the ones of us!

Christmas 2009

This picture was taken Christmas eve at Maren's house. They are obviously very excited! The next morning, my family came over for Christmas breakfast. Then we spent the next week at the Strongs. It was a good holiday!

Taylor's dance recital at the Festival of Trees Christmas 2009

This is what happens when Hannah goes to bed...

When Hannah started sleeping in a "big girl" bed, she would take all the clothes out of her drawer...and this is how I found her one night!

Taylor's first day of School

Fun at the Edmonton Corn Maze Fall 2009

Echo Lake 2009