Saturday, March 22, 2014

Is w#@%&! over yet?

Yes, winter is a bad word.  It is technically spring right now and it is freezing outside.  Okay, it's not too bad, like -40 degrees we had a few weeks ago, but it is too cold for what it should be!  And if it snows one more time...even one little snow flake, I'm going to lose it.  I am pretty much going to guarantee losing it, cause it will snow again for sure, this is Alberta.

I took this picture on March 1st.  That is not with the wind chill, what made it more like -45 degrees.  EW!

I took this picture on March 3rd.  It was - 30 something.

Okay, no more complaining.  One of my co workers took this picture the day of the Olympic women's hockey gold medal game.  There was a bunch of us watching OT in the lobby.  My boss is super awesome and let me watch the game instead of working.  Can you spot me?  I am the one with my eyes glued on the TV.  I watched soooo much TV during the Olympics.  I loved every minute of it.  I would record everything during the night and watch it the next day when I could.  I can't wait for the next time!

Look at these nerds...

And these nerds...

And this nerd...spelling her name with pretzles.  She thought it was so cool and that I had to take a pic of it.  It is so cool, it is on my blog.

And then there is Hannah and her wonderful drawing skills.  She did a portrait of me while we were waiting for Taylor at karate.  Don't I look so beautiful?

When I take Taylor to piano lessons, sometimes Hannah and I just wait in the car and read.  I told her to bring a book, and she grabbed the Book of Mormon.  So cute.  This is her trying to read it on her own.

And finally, Barb and I coordinated a skype date for Taylor and Whitney.  It was so cute to hear them giggle and laugh with each other.  After a while Barb and I were talking and trying to tell the girls to be quiet so we could hear each other.

Now, my girls have the next week off for spring break!  And I took work off too.  Phew.  I will be spending most of the week sewing.  Yes, I said sewing.  Joe and I were called as tribe leaders for Moroni's Quest for our stake in August.  We need to have a flag and our costumes ready for the next fireside.

And then the next week I get to spend time with all my awesome friends in Glenwood!  I can't wait!  They don't know this yet, but I am not letting anyone leave....we will be there together...forever...

Sunday, February 2, 2014

New Post!

I know I said that I would try to do more blog posts, like twice a month.  But what I really meant was once every two months....   Okay, I just need to get back into the habit of it!

For Christmas, we spent some time at the Strongs.  We always have so much fun while we are there.  And this time everyone was there.  We had fun playing outside, tobogganing behind the quads, playing games, eating, playing with cousins, and eating more.  I ate so much food, good thing I don't own a scale and always wear stretchy pants!

 Here is Brittany trying to eat and watch all three babies at the same time.  And I just came over and took a picture, didn't even help.  Haha!  I did after, I promise.

 This next picture, we had about 5 toy guns that shot plastic darts.  We chased each other around the house for about an hour.  So much fun!  I was the Sheriff.
 This game called "pong" was played every night by the boys for hours.  And I mean until 3 or 4 in the morning.  It's where you deflect ping pong balls of objects into a cup.  I played a few times, it was pretty fun!
Since the boys were up all night, I saw a lot of this going on...  Yep, he is fast asleep as he sets up a board game.

 Niki and I had fun trying to take selfies on my Canon camera.  Turned out nice I think...

 On Christmas morning, the kids were very excited to open their presents.  Look at all those stockings!
 I loved seeing their faces as they ran into the room.  There were a million presents under the tree!
 And then I opened this...
 Maren got me a headless doll for Christmas.  And the head of the doll was hiding somewhere in my house...
I actually found it a week ago with my Sunday shoes.  It is still there, I am too afraid to touch it!
Christmas Day family picture
And one with all the grandkids!

We also went to Waterton one day to go tobogganing.  It was really fun, and WINDY!!!

Now that the Valentines candy is all out, it means that this is also out...
How many bags will I eat this year?  Last year, I think it was 7.  I didn't eat them all on my own, but I ate most of them.

Things have been pretty busy since New Years.  I have been working part time and I increased my hours starting in January.  So that is my excuse for not blogging sooner!  Am I excused?