Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Edmonton Corn Maze 2011

The last hot day of the year was on Saturday. I thought we should spend it outside, so we decided to go to the Edmonton Corn Maze. Adults cost $10 each, kids 6-12 are $8, and kids 5 and under are free. And if you "like" the Edmonton Corn Maze on facebook, you can get $2 off coupons. So it only cost us $22 to go. And it was definitely worth the money.

They usually have sunflowers outlining the maze, and by the time we got there this year, they were a little dead. Except for one. Go little buddy!

They have many things to do besides the maze. They have some farm animals you can feed and pet. My girls loved petting and looking at the animals.

They also have a huge pile of hay you can climb and jump on.

This year, they also had this huge jumping pillow. It was the highlight of the place for the girls. I went and jumped up too. It was really fun. Can you find Hannah in this first picture?

They also have a little dirt track that you can ride bikes on. The girls loved it.

They also have this little train thing called the Corn Cob express, but we didn't go on it. I just made Hannah pose for this picture.

Now it was time for the maze.

And this is what it looked like from above this year.

The girls had fun trying to figure out which way to go in the maze.

And Hannah kept picking up corn off the ground and peeling it.

When we were halfway through the maze, there is an option to exit or go on to the second half. Hannah and I decided to stop and go back to the jumping pillow. And Joe and Taylor ran on to finish the maze.

And she let me take some pictures of her!

When Joe and Taylor got back the girls got some strawberry ice cream.

We got there at about noon and left a little after 3pm. When we got there, there was no line up to pay, and when we left, there was about 50 people waiting to pay! It was a busy day there. So if you do decide to go on a Saturday, go earlier than later! I am planning on going back before the weather gets too cold.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jurassic Forest

Last week I tagged along during a Gibb get together as we all went to Jurassic Forest. Calee and all her kids, Diane and her twins, and Sis Gibb were there too. It is out in Gibbons, so I car pooled with Barb. We only had Jarom in her van on the way out there, mine and Barb's girls squeezed in Diane's van.

It felt like I was walking in the gates to Jurassic Park in the movie when we got there. Taylor was a little scared at first. But that was probably because she wanted to watch the movie Jurassic Park the day before. We don't have it so I was showing her clips of the movie on youtube. Yes I did show her this scene from the movie. We didn't finish it, she told me she was too scared and to turn it off. I love that movie, saw it 5 times in the theatre!

When you get inside, there are 2 pathways you can take. And along each pathway there are dinosaurs that move!

Hannah wasn't scared at all. In fact she was having major 4 year old pms that day. I am so scared of this girl when she is a teenager.

Scarlett wasn't scared either, we just told her to make that face cause it's super cute.

This next picture was taken right when Barb said there was a pterodactyl in the sky. Haha!

And Jarom was being such a good boy. Of course!

There were those yellow and black caterpillars everywhere and the girls each found one. They both kept telling me to take care of them, I was like, I am not touching that thing, am I right Barb?!!

They had a big open sand area with fake fossils and brushes and other cool dinosaur play structures. The girls loved it!

The girls had so much fun that day. I would definitely take them back. It might have to be a once a year thing though, it cost $30 for me and my 2 girls! But I do think it was worth it.