Sunday, July 3, 2011

Finally done!

Remember when I made this ruffle skirt for Ellie.

Well, it was time to make one for each of my girls too. It took me forever to finish them. I think I am not cut out for sewing anymore, I have lost all patience for it. I think I will take a break from it for a while. Anyways, here are some of the pieces I cut out for it. I had to keep them in order or I would be lost!

And here they are finished! I love them! I worked so hard on them, and it took me so long I almost hate them. It think it took me about 20ish hours to make both of them.

And of course I had to take some pictures of the girls wearing them.

The girls love them. They were really excited to try them on. And I am never making this skirt again! I have the pattern if anyone wants to borrow it!