Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Getting Crafty...and Thrifty

I have been looking at these blogs called allthingsthrifty.com and House of Smiths that shows how to make super cute crafty things and how to decorate inexpensively. So I tried a few things out myself....I literally did them all myself. A lot of these blogs show their husbands helping them with things, mine didn't...not because he didn't want to, but I wanted to do it all myself!

This first project in Taylor's room started when I bought this white shelf in the as is section of ikea. I saw on the all things thrifty website that she had put material in the back of one of her projects and I loved it, so I wanted to try it myself! The backing of the shelf was broken, so I went to ikea and bought some new backing from the as is section. It wasn't the right size so I measured the shelf and cut the backing to the right size with a skill saw. Then I measured out the material (from fabricland) to go around the backing. I hot glued the material to the backing, placed it back on the shelf and nailed it back in. This is how it looked...

I bought the brown baskets from Zellers, the watering can from Value Village, the fake flowers are from Michaels, and the frame is from Winners (the picture in the frame was taken by Caylee Secretan.

This second project in Taylor's room is an end table. I bought it at Value Village (sorry, I forgot to take a before picture!) for $5.99! First I primed the table with spray primer, then I bought some paint to match the teal color in the floral fabric from the shelf. Then I sanded the edges and then applied some brown stain, and wiped it off, to make it look old and vintage. And I got the mirror at a garage sale for only $1!

I bought the vase from Value Village, the flowers from Michaels, the flower pot was free (that I spray painted ivory color), and the balls are from Rafters and Bed Bath and Beyond.

I modge podged the inside of the drawers with a brown with white polkadot material. The drawer knobs are from Anthropologie (my new favourite store...one knob was 2 times what I paid for the end table...you do the math! And don't tell my husband!) I was really happy with how it all turned out, it was a lot of work, but it was really fun, and I am proud of it cause I did it myself!

I pretty much did the same thing in Hannah's room, but a different color. Her end table I got at Good Will for $10. Same knobs, and same material inside the drawers.

I got these picture frames at Winners for $5 each. I love them!

I also did the same material backing thing in Hannah's room, just different material I ordered online (way cheaper!). I made the quilt hanging off the bed before Hannah was born. I bought and spray painted the vase. The flowers in the vase are wooden and I painted them. The frame on the bookshelf was an old frame I painted and distressed.

I also bought this bookshelf in the as is section of ikea. I like to check it out every once in a while. I spray painted then distressed the frame. I bought the shelf on the wall at Michaels, painted it brown and distressed the edges.

I have done other projects around the house, but these one's were the cutest! I had a lot of fun doing these projects. I am now on the lookout for a coffee table for my living room that I can fix up!