Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Christmas 2010

We had so much fun this Christmas. We spent the Christmas weekend at the Strongs down in Claresholm. On Christmas eve the weather was so gorgeous so we went outside in their backyard and played around in the snow.

I took this opportunity to take some cute pictures of the girls. Hannah didn't mind when I was taking pictures of her, but Taylor was completely ignoring me, I was lucky to get any of her.

These next two are my favorite of the whole weekend.

Then Joe and the kids started making a snow fort. Since Joe was involved, you know it was going to be good.

Then Pop pop drove over to give the kids a ride behind the quad. They all loved it!

Then Joe took some pictures of me and kept working on the fort.

When we got back in the house, this is what we saw...

Taylor wiped out off the sled and got a scrape on her face. I didn't see it happen, but let's just say she rode on the quad instead of riding behind it the rest of the weekend.

On Christmas eve night, we all went on a hay ride and went caroling around the Strong's neighborhood.

We had a Christmas program and recreated the nativity where the kids dressed up.

Then we got out all the food and ate like crazy! Such good food, wings, mini quiches, potato skins, shrimp...and the list goes on.

The girls were very excited for Christmas morning!

On Christmas morning, the girls had fun opening all their gifts.

And of course, kitty was there...

Taylor's favourite gift was her DSi. She played it almost all day.

Hannah's favourite gift was a new tutu. At first she didn't want to try it on, but after tricking her to try it on she hasn't taken it off for very long.

Later on Christmas day, we all went back outside again to play!

And we had a snowball fight! I was holding the camera so luckily I wasn't involved.

Then Joe got back to work on the snow fort.

When the snow fort was done, they put a tarp over the top to complete it!

Hannah also got her face painted by Auntie Niki. She loved it! She didn't want want me to wipe it off but we had church the next day.

I took some pictures of the girls before church the next day. They looked so adorable in their Christmas dresses.

Hannah made this face when I told her to pose for a picture.

It was her last day in nursery. She had her first day of sunbeams last Sunday and it went really well. Her teacher told me she was the only one sitting still and listening during sharing time and that she was so good that she deserved a treat!

That night was our last night and the girls wanted to sleep in the snow fort with Daddy.

I was a little nervous that it might be too cold but they had so much fun and they weren't too cold. During the night, Joe woke up and saw Hannah completely out of the sleeping bags, and Taylor had fallen out of the sleeping bags and was sleeping against the snow wall. I am guessing they didn't get a lot of sleep because they both fell asleep for most of the 4 hour ride home the next day.

It was a short but fun holiday. It went by way too fast. But enough of winter, bring on summer! I might have to wait a while.


Jordana said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! That snow fort looks amazing. Your girls are both so pretty, and that's so cute about Hannah going to Sunbeams! Did she get a treat?? I agree, I'm totally ready for summer now!

BUB said...

That looks like the absolutely perfect country Christmas. Sleigh rides, snow forts, quadding, Christmas dresses, snowball fights. I love it.
And of course some great pictures make it even better!

Alysha said...

love all the pics. your girls are beautiful!! looks like SO much fun!!!

Maren said...

I know you said that your Christmas was pretty much like mine, but you lied. And Joe was not even joking one bit when he said that the snow fort was huge! That is awesome. Matt had plans to build a snow fort, ...but it was a "Burnham-weekend" so ask me if that thing got built? Haha! I LOVE those pictures of the girls in the snow! It's making me feel like it's time for a photoshoot of my kids again! You need to frame those!

Talia said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! What a cute little family!!

Jenny Fitzner said...

how did I miss this post? I love all the pictures!!! It looked like so much fun. I can't wait until Milo is old enough to appreciate these kind f things, because I know your girls are going to remember how awesome these kind of Christmas memories are.

KJS said...

What fun!!! That would totally freak me out too (letting my children sleep outside int he snow!!!

Team Torrie said...

Spence was pretty jealous of Joe's fort, I think he wants to make one too. I can't believe you let the girls sleep in it, I don't know if I would.

Kathy Ord said...

Just had time to check out your Christmas 2010 Sarah! What a fun and wonderful time you had! Can I come to the Strongs next year for Christmas???? The snow fort was amazing! The Christmas tree and portrayal of the Nativity Scene looked amazing! The girls look adorable in their cute dresses! Taylor must be in heaven having her own DSI - she'll have to teach me how to play. Sweet Hannah looks soooo cute in her pink tutu. How wonderful that you were able to spend some real quality time w/the Strongs. Sorry to see that Taylor was hurt - nasty scab. But, I guess that happens. How neat that you were able to go Christmas caroling too! So sweet Hannah is now a Sunbeam - I almost forgot. We just had 12 new little Sunbeams join us in Primary! I won't go into what that was like that first Sunday . . . but I can totally see how Hannah would sit and listen - you've taught her well. Thanks for sharing Sarah! Miss you and love you!