Monday, December 27, 2010

Oil Kings game

Joe wanted to go to the Oil Kings game last Friday. He told me he wanted to get some friends together to go to the game. The day before, he said he just wanted to take Taylor. Then, the day of the game he said we should all go. Okay! I wasn't sure if the girls would even like it. But we thought they should try, since they will be forced to watch hockey games the rest of their lives when ever we watch games.

The tickets were only $10 and it was their annual Teddy Bear Toss. What is that you say? Well, when you come to the game, you bring a new or gently used stuffed animal to throw on the ice when the Oil Kings score their first goal! We brought 4 stuffies, one for each of us! The girls were excited to give away some of their stuffies, and the throw them on the ice!

The game was pretty fun! Not as good as pro hockey, but pretty good. Actually, there was a fight at the beginning of the game that was one of the worst fights I have ever seen. This one guy kept getting punched right in the face, and he finally fell to the ice. It was so gross, I felt sick after.

The girls had fun yelling and screaming with everyone. Hannah kept saying "go Oilers!" it was so cute, I didn't want to correct her. Or she would say "go blue team!"

Taylor could not wait to throw her stuffy onto the ice. We thought they would score right away because they were playing so well. They actually never scored and they more than doubled the shots the other team had. Oil Kings: 42 Chilliwack: 19. So we got to throw the stuffies on the ice at the end of the game. We weren't close enough to the ice so we just threw them at the people that were close. Haha! It was pretty fun hitting people in the head!

We got on the jumbotron! Or whatever that ginormous TV is called. The screen said "Oil Kings loudest fans!" and they played loud music, so we all started dancing, and screaming, and they put the camera on us dancing. The girls were so excited.

Santa was also at the game! And we got to take a picture with him! the girls loved it!

Also, during both intermissions, there was a band playing, Radio for Help. And I figured out that was a friend of mines band. I worked with him when I worked at Millenium Place. I really did like working there. He was the singer in the band, and they sounded pretty good. We went and talked to him after the game and he gave the girls some free posters! They didn't really want them, and luckily they said that after we left!

I asked Hannah what her favourite part of the night was and she said "running to the car after the game." We were racing to the car, I was with Taylor, Joe was with Hannah. I think it was a tie, but Joe thinks they won. Whatever.

It was a pretty fun night. I would go to an Oil Kings game again for sure!


Jenny Fitzner said...

FUN! I haven't been to a hockey game in so long! I'm glad you finally took some time to do a blog post! and I expect a Christmas blog post as well!

Maren said...

I remember your band friend guy. That's funny that the girls had no interest in the posters. Not of that age category yet I guess. And I expect a long Christmas post as well! Can you beat mine? That's the real question, and I'm not even DONE!

Maren said...

I forgot to actually comment on what you posted about. That looked really fun! There. I commented. ;)

Alysha said...

hahahah thankfully they waited until after, right? looks like so much fun!

Jordana said...

I love it, cheap and fun and the whole fam loved it. That's awesome they had Santa there too! I would go with you...if we lived a little closer.

JAZKK Low said...

They look so cute in their jerseys! What a fun family night. Aw. And that picture of you and Joe with Santa is priceless! :)