Saturday, February 5, 2011

We just booked plane tickets to....


That's right. Joe and I are celebrating our 10th year anniversary this spring and we want to make it big. So April 7-15, we are going to be in New York, right in downtown Manhattan. Here are some things we plan to do...

Firstly and most importantly, we are want to see Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I can't confirm tickets until a month before. The only way we wouldn't go is if he is not filming at all while we are there, but chances are, he is. And we would love to be a part of his show! Hopefully he is doing an audience game the night we are there, and we can be crazy enough to be noticed, and play what ever game he has going on that night.

We also want to go to a taping of Saturday Night Live. This will be pretty tricky. You can't buy tickets. The morning of the taping, you have to wait for stand-by tickets, and this doesn't even guarantee you getting you in. Then later that day, with the stand-by ticket you got earlier that morning, you line up to get into the show. Let's hope the are taping that Saturday we are there...and we get in.

Broadway shows! We are going to see Wicked for sure. We are not sure about others yet, we'll have to see how much money we have left!

Have you guys seen Cake Boss on TLC? Well, we are going to go to Carlos' Bakery in Hoboken, NJ. It is a short subway ride from where we are staying. I hope I can meet and get a picture with Buddy, or one of his family members.

Who watches 30 Rock? Well, you know how they show people getting tours by the pages? That's real. We are going to take a tour of Rockefeller Center.

And go backstage of NBC studios! Maybe I will see someone famous?!!! I would love to meet Tina Fey.

Times Square. We will be staying a few blocks away, and I am so going to look like a tourist with my camera and map! I can't wait!

Central Park, at night.

JK. We will go during the day, in a safe area, I think.

Empire State building? Maybe, I think it is pretty expensive so we will see if we will make it to the top.

Hot dog stand. Yes, I want a juicy hot dog from a corner stand. With everything on it!!!

We also want to go to Madame Tussauds. It's a that wax museum of all those famous people. So I can get pictures with them and you wouldn't know which famous people I met for real! I could meet Zac Efron!

We also might go to the American Museum of Natural History. It's the museum in the movie "Night at the Museum" with Ben Stiller.

And of course there is SHOPPING! We will be close to 5th avenue, where all the shopping is!!!

Do you guys have any other ideas of what we should do? I am so excited!!!