Thursday, January 27, 2011

I love Jimmy Fallon...Part 2

The more I watch Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the more I fall in love with him. His show is perfect. I love it. This post is dedicated to some of my favourite moments on Jimmy Fallon.

One of the things I love about Jimmy's show is that he plays games with his guests. This first video happened last week. Ashton Kutcher was on the show and after his interview they played "water wars." It is playing the card game "war" but with water involved. It is too funny, check it out here.

This next clip is Jimmy and his guest playing "Elevator Dodgeball" against Seth Meyers and his brother. Haha! I love it! Here it is! The picture below is of when we played elevator dodgeball with John Hamm.

Not a lot of you know this, but I love Pee-Wee Herman. I especially love the movie, "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure." Well, Jimmy had Pee-Wee as a guest on his show. This is a part of his interview with him. One of the funniest things I have seen on his show. But it will only be funny if you have seen Pee-Wee's movie.

I also love that he plays games with his audience members. There is one game in particular that I love. It's called "Models and Buckets." In this game, contestants pick buckets that are filled with various messy substances such as, melted cheese, baked beans, maple syrup, brown gravy, melted ice cream, and much more, in search of the grand prize, $100! When they pick the bucket, the model holding the bucket, pours whatever is in their bucket over the contestants head. It gets pretty messy, but it is hilarious. Check out part of the game here.

I love it when he randomly breaks into song, like he did at the end of that last video. He does it all the time! Haha!

Another game he does on his show that I love is called "Put it in reverse." Where audience members do a skit in reverse and then they show it backwards, which is really forwards, I hope that made sense. Check it out here.

My most favourite thing he does on his show is when he tells at joke or a story and then he acts it out. He does a lot of this during his monologues at the beginning of his show. Here is a monologue from last week that I loved! You don't have to watch the whole thing, just go to 2:15 minutes in.

This next monologue is so funny! All last year, Jimmy would randomly fist pump during his show. He was making fun of some guy off the Jersey Shore. Anyways, the show before, he had made a New Years resolution to not fist pump anymore. Watch and see what happens. Also in this monologue, listen when he talks about the wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William. Haha, I love his impression of a English person. Check it out here!

And then there are his "thank you notes" he does every Friday night. Here is a clip of his thanks you notes a couple Fridays ago.

He does these videos called "Head Swap." They are hilarious, but he only does them every couple months. Here is the latest one.

He also does this thing called "Reflections, with Justin Bieber." Where he dresses up as Justin Bieber. This one is so funny!

I love Jimmy Fallon! Coming soon... "I love Jimmy Fallon...part 3!"


Oler Family said...

Oh my goodness....I love him too! He reminds me so much of my younger brother...the exact same humor and they look quite a bit alike too. Every night I try to go to bed early but I always get sucked into his show.

Maren said...

Yes. I DID sit here and watch all of the videos (except for the ones you already showed me) and they were all hilarious! He does a good Justin Bieber, and pertty much every skit was hilarious. Oh, and I loved the card game! Haha! Makes me want to start watching the show. Maybe I can convince Joe...

Jenny Fitzner said...

I also watched all the videos. hilarious. I loved the british accent one. with the fist pumps. He seems so nice too.

Jordana said...

I agree, he is hilarious! We need to watch his show more often instead of being lame and going to bed.

Kathy Ord said...

Ok, I needed to see all this! Funny stuff. Thanks for taking the time to share all this. I can tell that he brings you joy and maybe a little bit of "escapism?" I remember needing that when I was a young Mommy like you. Is his show out of New York?

Sarah said...

I love Jimmy Fallon. He is SO funny and very smart and he seems like a really nice guy! Unfortunately i cannot watch it every night like i would like to but Fridays are MY Late Night with Jimmy Fallon night. I SO wish i could meet him!