Monday, November 15, 2010

Hannah is in Playschool

I decided to put Hannah in playschool. And I was pretty lucky to get into the one I wanted. Her teacher is Rene Hardy at Erminskin community centre. Rene is the coolest lady ever. She was my Laurels advisor when I was in YW. I love her. We used to call her "party Hardy"...and I still do, when I see her. I called Rene last week to ask about when playschool registration was for next year, and she told me there was a spot that just opened in her 3 year old class for this year. I thought to myself...hmmm, 2.5 hours, 2 times a week with no kids...all by myself!!! Done. So now she is in playschool, and she loves it. She has only been once, but she asks if she has school everyday. Here are some pics of her right before her first class.