Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Weekend

The weekend started with snow...

Do you like my fabulous chairs in my backyard? Don't they look so comfy and cozy?!

On Thursday we made some of those Easter egg nests. The girls loved making them! I loved eating them! I got the recipe from Pinterest here.

On Good Friday we went out and played in the snow, while this was cooking in the crockpot...I got the recipe from Pinterest here. It's called creamy slow cooker tortellini soup.

We made snow castles, shovelled, and rode bikes.

When we came inside we decorated eggs. I decided to use koolaid to dye the eggs. It was an idea I got from....guess, Pinterest. Here is the link.

Joe and I each coloured one egg. I put mine in almost every color, mine is the front one. The girls thought it looked like a dinosaur egg and thought it was pretty cool. They thought Joe's looked like poop.

When we were done colouring the eggs, Joe thought the girls might like to drink the koolaid egg water. It didn't have any sugar in it so it was pretty nasty. I told them not to do it, but they wouldn't listen to me, so I got the camera ready and took pictures of them drinking it!

We had borrowed some books from the library, and spent some time reading a couple books that weekend. We read Captain Underpants and Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew.

The next morning the Easter bunny had come and the girls went on an Easter egg hunt around our house.

On Easter Sunday, after church, I wanted to make sure the girls understood what Easter is really about so we watched The Testaments. Because I can't control my emotions, I cried through the whole thing.

During the week before Easter, I did a mini photo shoot with the girls after Taylor came home from school one day. Of course Taylor's hair does not look like this after school, it looks crazy and homeless, so it took me at least 5 minutes to comb out the tangles!

The weekend before Easter, Taylor had a karate tournament where she participated in 3 events. She was very serious about it and practised a lot. This is her warming up and getting ready.

The first event was the kata, it is a series of karate moves put into one routine. She actually got the silver medal for her kata for her age category. She was competing against about a dozen other kids! She was so happy she did so well. She had been practising her kata everyday for the last month!

The next event was non-contact sparing. In this one, they throw punches and kicks at each other without touching. She had so much fun in this event. The last event was knockdown sparing. It is pretty much fighting. The kids get all their gear on and then punch, kick and block each other. Taylor loves this part. She loves karate!


Jenny Fitzner said...

I have the most beautiful nieces!! I can NOT believe how old Taylor looks in those photos! They're both gorgeous! I loved all the pictures, and it sounded like a perfect easter weekend. I love that Taylor loves Karate, and I bet a million bucks that it makes Joe beyond proud.

Maren said...

It is so cute seeing all those pics of Taylor in Karate!! So sad I missed it. And that mini photoshoot you did of the girls was fabulous! They look so beautiful and the colors are like BING! Sounds like a fun Easter weekend. How Canadian of you to make snow castles and go bike riding in snowsuits. Haha!

Team Torrie said...

GOOD!!...I can't believe all that snow, isn't that just spring? Sarah, I love all the mini eggs in the egg nests, just filled to capacity, very Sarah. Your girls are growing and so much and are so beautiful.

Andrea said...

it's fun to see taylor all serious in her karate stuff ;) yeah!!

Jordana said...

That tortellini soup looks amazing!! And I've never heard of dyeing eggs in kool-aid, good idea. Taylor's karate moves look seriously impressive, I would not mess with her!

Alysha said...

your girls are beautiful!! i love the karate pics. and those chairs DO look comfy hahaha

Amelia said...

That weekend sounded SO PERFECT!!! Lots of family time, books, SNOW! :) Okay, sand would have been better than snow, but it was still beautiful! And I would have LOVED to sit in your lounge chairs!;) The girls were right on. Your egg was a dino egg and Joe's was poo. :) And I CANNOT BELIEVE how old your girls are looking, especially HANNAH! And more and more alike. Man, they are beautiful! The Karate pics were awesome too. Good for her! She could totally beat me up. Zach would LOVE to be in karate. He always shows me his "kung fu moves." They are awesome.

Amelia said...

oh, yes, and those were some amazingly filled nests! Like mother like daughters. MINI EGGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathy Ord said...

Where do I begin? This was an amazing blog Sarah! Loved all the pix. You are such a wonderful and loving Mommy. Joe is such a caring and concerned Daddy . . . Taylor and Hannah are blessed. Loved the Easter Egg Nests; loved the Kool-aid colored eggs (and yes, Joe your egg DOES look like poop!) Loved, loved, loved the smiles on their sweet little faces when they woke up to gather their Easter eggs and goodies! Loved the part where Daddy Joe is reading to them . . . and yes, I too cry when I watch the Testaments. The girls are lucky to have a Mommy so adept at photography - their photo-shoot is so cute. Loved this blog Sarah!