Friday, February 17, 2012

I love Jimmy Fallon...part 5

I know you have all been waiting for this! Here are my favourite moments from the last few months from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Justin Timberlake was on the show...again. Those two are so funny together. Here is a history of rap 3 Sorry, I can't find this clip anymore!

BTW, these 2 cute boys were GQ's showmen of the year. Here are some more pics of them from their photoshoot.

The band that plays on latenight with Jimmy Fallon is called the Roots. They just came out with a new album. Here is a clip of Jimmy recording some stuff with them. Haha, I love it!

This next clip is awesome. Jimmy is interviewing Damian Lewis (Captain Winters from Band of Brothers), and Jimmy tells a story about his cameo in Band of Brothers. I love it. Here it is!

Every Wednesday night Jimmy does latenight hashtags. For those of you who don't know twitter, it is a list on twitter, where they give you the topic and fans send in the tweets. This weeks hashtag was #newholidaysongs. It is awesome! Check it out here! This one is gone too! It was so funny!

Chris Martin (the lead singer of Coldplay, for those who don't know), was on the show. He is such a nice guy, it was a good interview. Check out what happens here at the end of the interview.

For those who don't know, Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert were best friends for six months a while ago, and then they became eternal enemies for six months which ends on March 3. Stephen colbert gives Jimmy a valentine. See what happens here. I love those 2 together!

I love Jimmy, if you haven't noticed.


Alysha said...

you crack me up

Maren said...

Oh my goodness. As if Chris Martin could get any hotter. Well he JUST DID! And I love the GQ poses. Haha! Hilarious! And of course the last clip with Steven Colbert, funny! From the longing glances to the evil laugh at the end. Thanks for keeping me in the Jimmy-loop Sarah. You da best!