Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Spooktacular at Fort Edmonton Park

We went to the spooktacular at Fort Edmonton park last weekend. I was really looking forward to this, and ready to be scared! I found out that it was going to be the theme of creepy clowns and freak shows. I am not usually scared about those things so I wasn't too worried. And I was dressed for the weather. I was wearing 2 shirts, a hoodie, my winter coat, capris leggings, sweatpants, my toque, a scarf, and mittens.

On our way to the "scary street" the UofA dance team was doing the Michael Jackson thriller dance. And then when they were done they just walked around like zombies. It kinda freaked me out, and I screamed, and they noticed. They started following me and staring at me. It was pretty creepy.

When we got to the scary street, there were clowns and freaky circus people all over. This clown was Joe's favourite, he laughed like Krusty the clown and would fall down all the time.

This clown was the creepiest looking one. It would come up behind you quietly and then honk it's horn.

Some of the haunted houses were pretty scary. This fortune teller one was creepy. She handed out a card at the end that said "look behind you," I didn't look behind me cause I was too scared, and then something started crawling out from under her table.

There was another haunted house where we were brought into this room and then all of the sudden, these girls were behind us.

On the way out there was a place with snakes, scorpions and tarantulas. Snakes, don't scare me, well, the non-poisonous kind. But scorpions do, and especially big spiders, like tarantulas.

Everyone was being brave and holding the tarantulas. At the last second I decided to hold it, and then not, and then hold it, and then not. I kept opening and closing my hand. And then I decided to just do it. I did it. I held a tarantula in my hand! And it was a huge one! Once it was on my hand, I could barley feel it. But it still grossed me out. That spider was not crawling fast enough across my hand. And it's body even rested on my hand, EW! Yes, this is my hand in this picture.

I can't believe I did that. And I won't be doing it again.

I have to admit. I wish the spooktacular was scarier. Next year, the corn maze at Halloween!


Jenny Fitzner said...

I can NOT believe you held a tarantula!! Never EVER in my life would I do that. Wow... you've come a long way. I'm sorry it wasn't scary enough, I'm the same way, I love being scared! It still looks like lots of fun. I love the picture of Joe with that clown, he looks so excited. and you're right, the other clown is definitely the freakiest one there.

BUB said...

I thought for sure that was your hand in the first tarantula picture. jk.

Maren said...

SARAH!! I can't believe that I am finding out from this post that you actually held a tarantula!!! Crazy woman. I would be the same, ...but in the end I don't think I would have been able to do it! Maybe with enough adrenalin? You go girl! Now you can cross it off your list! Although, I don't know many people that would want that on their list of life's "to-do's!" Haha! I think the three pics you posted with the zombie girl, the fortune teller and the two girls in the haunted house were definitely the scariest moments of the night, I think other than those two things I would agree that the rest was a teensy anti-climactic.

Alysha said...

I can't believe you held that thing. UGHHHHHH SICK!! I HATE SPIDERS!!! looks like fun (besides that part)

Team Torrie said...

Sarah, that whole post freaked me out. It gives me the eebie- jeebies. I would have been screaming the whole time. You are one brave woman!!

Amelia said...

Eww, But awesome! I really don't like scary halloween. Just cute kids dressed up in non scary/skanky costumes! An happy candy pumpkin holiday. Forget the ghosts and zombies. Gives me the shivers. Ughhh... P.S. There are tarantulas in California where I grew up. Never really scared or bothered me. I thought they were cool. Never held one though. Awesome. I think it would be harder to hold a scorpion. Yuck!!