Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Snaggle tooth

Taylor has lost 4 teeth in the last 2 weeks. 2 of them being her top two front teeth. The last one finally fell out today and it has been hanging by a thread for the last couple days. My mom even offered Taylor $4 if she would let my mom pull it out. Taylor said no. I took these pictures today after school.

Check out this snaggle tooth!

Then we had dinner and Taylor noticed her tooth fell out...only we couldn't find it. We think she ate it. Pretty gross if you ask me.

I am so happy this nasty tooth finally fell out. I think Taylor looks so cute with her 2 front teeth missing. She has a little lisp now and sounds cute too.

I am going to do a photo shoot of her sometime this week, before her awkward ginormous sized front teeth start growing in...before she looks like THIS!...


BUB said...

BAM! - That last picture caught me by surprise! HILARIOUS!!!!

Every kid has to go through the ginormous 2 front teeth stage. It is a right of passage.
Taylor is a cutie no matter what stage her front teeth are in.

Burnham Family said...

HAHA I laughed out loud pretty darn hard. I loved the last picture, and how true it was for all of us. And Taylor looks adorable of course!

Alysha said...

Awesome! Kinda grosses me out that she swallowed it haha. Loooove the last picture.

Kathy Ord said...

I KNEW she would eat it! Oh well, I'm sure the tooth fairy visited no matter what . . . I should have offered $10!!! I love the pictures of Taylor (I AM her Grandma of course!), but I especially love the last picture of you! You are one beautiful girl! I know you hated your hair but I LOVED curling it - you have so much of it! Anyway, I'm glad that tooth is FINALLY out!

Maren said...




Can I just skip that stage with my kids? I seriously feel sick to my stomach! But she looks so cute! And at least your teeth ginormous teeth didn't have a huge space between them like MINE! Bahaha!

Susie said...

ewww i cringe when it comes to kids and teeth. Your last picture is awesome!

Jenny Fitzner said...

SICK!!!! She probably ate it?? YUCK!! barf. and hilarious. good story. and she does look adorable with no front teeth!

and I LOVE that last picture of you! So funny, and you ARE cute!

Jordana said...

Haha, that picture of you is classic, so cute! And I agree, Taylor looks so cute with no front teeth, can't wait to see the photoshoot!