Friday, May 13, 2011

Hannah's preschool field trip

Remember a couple days ago when it was crazy windy? Well, there were a couple of those days. Anyways, Hannah had a field trip that day to a farm called Prairie gardens. And I got to go cause I was duty mom that day. It all started with an hour bus ride (one way) with 50 or so preschoolers.

And then she said, "hey mama, take a picture of this funny face."

When we got there, the kids got to go on a train ride around the farm. Hannah was so excited.

Then, they went on a walk on a nature trail to find signs of spring.

Then they looked as some geese that were super loud and scared a couple kids, including Hannah.

Next, they planted some seeds in a little pot. Hannah wasn't very interested in this part. She handed me the pot when she was done and said, "Here mama, you can have this to put in your room." Then ran off.

There was a playground by most of the activities we were doing so all the kids were a little distracted. All they wanted to do the whole time was play at the playground.

Then, they sat around and learned about potatoes. I don't think any of the kids were listening to a word. It looks like Hannah was listening in this picture, but she's not. She is probably thinking, "I like that girls hair."

Next was the petting zoo. They had goats on one side and bunnies on the other.

When it was Hannah's turn to hold the bunny, one of the claws scratched her leg and she dropped the poor bunny on the ground. She didn't feel bad either.

Then, they got to eat snacks and watch a puppet show. Hannah said this was her favourite part.

And of course I had to snap a picture of her chewin' on some hay, sittin' on some hay!

And finally, it was playground time! All the kids went crazy at the playground.

And then the dreaded hour drive ride home. It was a pretty fun trip. It would have been a lot better if that crazy wind wasn't around. And I heard it is better in the summer when it is warmer. Of course. Anything is better in the summer when it is warmer.


Jenny Fitzner said...

it is CRAZY that your girls are growing up so fast!... but the weirdest part about it is how much Hannah looked like Taylor in this whole post!!! wow!! well... maybe not "weird" since they ARE sisters, but crazy how many times I did a double look. it's too bad it was windy, I'm sure that would've made the world of a difference... at least for you.

Alysha said...

too bad about the wind, but it looks like she had a great time! I'm with Jenny, they totally look alike!! where did you get her rainboots? so cute

Jordana said...

It's been so windy her too, but at least it's finally warm out! I love all your comments about the pictures, especially "I like that girl's hair" bahaha! Probably so true though.

Maren said...

Cute pics of Hannah! That looks so fun, ...but since I know how windy it was that day, I feel for you! I love your comment about her looking at that girl and liking her hair instead of listening. Funny.

Kathy Ord said...

Sarah! Hannah is SO beautiful! You're going to have to fight those boys off when the time comes! What a great Mom you are to take the time to go to her field trip. I love the pix w/her and the bunny. Was she ever afraid? I loved going on field trips w/you kids - I'm sure you don't remember, but I sure do!