Friday, May 9, 2008

These are pictures I took of Taylor and Hannah after church one day. Taylor actually posed for me!!! And Hannah wouldn't sit still.


Jenny Fitzner said...

SO cute! I love the pictures.

JA Crew said...

these turned out great!! love them all!! (and it's nice not to see my nasty face everytime i check your blog ;p )

Oler Family said...

Cute pictures!! They are all so cute! Your kids are getting so big!

Barnes Family said...

cute cute cute!! way to go sarah!

A Cowboy's Wife said...

I wanted to ask you about a photo contest you entered. Could you email me at lori at thecowboyshack dot com ?
Thanks so much. Your photos are beautiful.

angel said...

i love your work. tried subscribing, but the page was messed up, so if theres a way, email me a link. i'd love to see more.

Anonymous said...

i love your work. i tried subscribibg, but the link/ page was no good.
so if there's a way to, send me a link please.
angel -